"Everyone who sees your work is is blown away -- me included! Everything, from start to finish! Here's what my colleague and friend, Richard Carsey (Conductor of the new "Phantom of the Opera" national tour), sent to me this morning:

'Ron, this website is FANTASTIC! Who did this for you?? You are gonna be the working-est groups in show biz, I can't imagine an orchestra not being interested in what this has to offer. It's really great.'

What more can I say? And the "An Evening at the Ballet" website and advertising campaign are generating considerable interest, almost immediately!

It's a pure joy to work with Ann Kerzner and Jonas. I wish I would have known about you years ago."
-- Ronald Foster"

"It is certainly a pleasure working with Jonas Music Services. Never have I worked with a company where I could simply say "I trust your judgement" on a project and let it go at that. You and your company are honest, reliable, trustworthy and professional. Few companies have a healthy balance between being flexibile and standing firm without compromising the project or the relationship. Jonas Music Services does a great job of that. Your creativity is wonderful and your attitude is refreshing. Whenever there's an issue or challenge, you seem to embrace it. I do appreciate the "let's see what we can do to creatively solve this issue" attitude! I'm looking forward to working with Jonas Music Services on an ongoing basis!"
– Ellie Sturrock, Zion Entertainment, NJ

"Thanks Ann, u guys are the BEST!!"
- KR, Singer NYC

"I am so grateful for your wonderful work,Jonas became like a family to me. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you, Ann, and to all at Jonas, with all the best wishes of health, happiness,joy and success in everything!"
- Alla Cohen, Composer MA

"Ann, Thanks so much. I got a look at the final product after receiving my Press Kit in the mail yesterday and was truly amazed.....it actually looked better than the proofs I saw at the site. You guys do high quality work and I feel like you helped to capture me in a dynamic light. Oh, my mom and sister loved it too. On top of that, you've been extremely accommodating to me as well as fair and patient throughout the entire process which I've found to be quite refreshing in this day and age of business. I'm always leery of individuals and corporations trying to get over on individuals like myself who might be green in the areas of service you provide (hence why I ask so many questions before "pulling the trigger" so to speak) and it seemed the further my project went along the more comfortable I felt in our dealings and more assured that I was working with a legit and professional operation. Thanks again mightily. I'm so glad I found your company.
-Charles Upshaw, NJ

"I really appreciate the amount of pride and thoroughness that goes into the work that Jonas music Svc. provides. Very professional, thoughtful, solvent and the products Jonas offers just keeps getting better...in my opinion, the BEST!"
-- Millissia White

"Dear support, Thank you very much for your attention to my issues. My photo looks great and I appreciate you working hard to fix the subject bug. I have been getting positive feedback on my press kit recently.
- Alex W., percussionist NY

"Hello Everyone! My new business cards arrived, and they are already in many hands! Thank you for the excellent design AND the wonderful heavy shiny cards---they are really wonderful. I appreciate working with you all."
- Doree Huneven

"I am loving the templates and gigmailz. :-) Thanks! I got a followup phone call to make sure everything is going well. I do appreciate it! Best Wishes!"

"It is perfect! Thanx so much. Fantastic job!"
- Jack

"I would highly recommend your company to others. Ann was efficient, kind, and knowledgable."
- Jessica Barlow

"Hi, It worked Because you are the master...Thank you so very much. You are so helpful, and I so appreciate it. Have a wonderful rest of your day!!
You're the best,
- Jennifer F., NJ

"Thanks Allison, In any business that you try to grow, you spend money wisely, and sometimes unwisely. My gigmaiz and epk system is the best money we have spent. Thanks for your support and expertise. Your patience and prompt responses, have made a huge difference to us."
-   Alan Parrot,  GA

"I love my web site so much, I can't stop looking at it. "
– MB, Violinist-Author, NJ

"You are a wonderful business, and it is a pleasure to know you and work with you!"
- Doree H., Violinist, MD

"That is fabulous!!! You guys are theeee BEST!!!! It really has been a pleasure working with people who are soooo on top of everything, answer all my questions, and are so professional. In today's world, that's rare, unfortunately! So glad I found you! Thanks for everything."
- Lorraina Marro, CA

"I want to thank you for all your beautiful work by you personally, and by your excellent team. We have already received many compliments (and inquiries about your business) regarding business cards, gig cards, and website.It’s really a pleasure working with you."
– KD, New Jersey, Flautist

"The damn thing is beautiful guys! And the writing is fantastic. I only wish I'd found you earlier."
– RR, Singer-Songwriter, New Orleans, LA

"Thanks for your patience & thoughtful attention to our press & ekits!"
– CK, New Jersey, Classical Guitarist

"There are many talented, creative and well organized web design companies out there and Jonas is absolutely one of the best, however, I have never come across a company that offers better customer service and personal attention than JMS!"
-- Marcus Goldheber

"Thanks for your continued great work. The brochure is beautiful and very professional looking. I will be proud to send it out to anyone."
– CB, New Jersey

"You're the best, Ann! Thank you. "
- CA, NJ

"Quality of product, professionalism, plus knowledge of the music business - the result being a slick website which reflected what our orchestra is about."
-- Brian Sparks

"Thank you once again for providing great customer service!"
-Harold R, GA

"thank u so much for all of your help and I really really appreciate the knowledge and your honesty."
– VB, Hip Hop Artist Manager, Miami, FL

"Wonderful!!!! It has been such a pleasure to work with you all!"
- Gregory W., Gateway Chamber Orchestra, TN

"As always, your the best"
- Peter L. Arts Seller and Producer, NYC

"Thanks. I love what you all have done, and I am excited. I thank God for you all, and pray that He continues to Bless."
- Shirlene Jackson, Songer, AR

"Ann, Thank you so much I have started to recieve emails now from the contact page. I am going to recommend your site to any colleagues that inquire about press kits. You and your team are AWESOME!"
Sincerely, David Villafane, Artist

"Ann - Many thanks for your help! We've had a great experience using the epresskitz tool and may choose to convert it into a website once we have a good audience."
Regards, Ronnie, TX

"You have been so very helpful with every last detail and so patient too. I can't believe it could be any better with anyone else. The artwork and organization is extremely professional. Excellent, excellent work. We thank you so much."
– VS, Drew University

"Thanks so much for everything! Your company is doing a great job, and we really appreciate your kindness, patience, and attention to detail. "
– JW, NJ Percussionist

"I got the press kits and they rock. In fact,they've already helped in a small, but important way in that I sent a few to some friends who are working with me to promote shows and they were immediately impressed with how great they looked. I think you and your designers did a great job...They're perfect. "
– PM, NJ Percussionist

"I have to tell you, everyone is pretty impressed with what you guys have done with this..they came this morning and look great.. again thanks for working on our behalf!!! "
– JG, Bassist, Prosper, TX

"The ePressKitz application keeps getting better and better, and trust me, we really appreciate the work you and the staff put into it!!"
Best regards, George S., Arrist Mananger, NY

"As usual, quick response, desired outcome. Great service, Jonas Music. One of the best investments I've ever made."
– Steve Elmer, Jazz Pianist, New York

"Hi guys! Just wanted you to know I woke up Sunday and immediately turned my...computer on and saw the most fantastic web site I've ever seen.....MINE! ;>) "
– BD, Violist, NJ

"Everthing looks GREAT! Thank you so much for everything! "
– GW, Broadway Singer, NJ

"Thank you so much for being so on top of everything with our marketing insanity. Also, thank you for being able to get the fundraiser promotional items together so quickly....That is why we love you guys, you are different from all the rest"
– IW, Music Contracting Agency

"Damn, you're good!"
– FD, Jazz Guitarist, Composer, PA

"I am passing along the name of the musicians' service that was so extremely helpful to me this past month with the very onerous task of updating my CV and biographical info. I can't say enough about their professionalism and very current advice on formatting, marketing yourself, etc... I was so pleased (and relieved!) with the end result and realize that I couldn't have done this half as well all by myself.!"
– MM, Violinist, NJ

"... I'm thrilled. Thanks ever so much. Cheers, and thanks to you and your staff--My presskits arrived mid-morning, and I have to say that I'm completely delighted with them. They turned out "just right" in every way and I'm really eager to begin using them as I begin my new promotional activities. And the kits, cards, and business cards all look really well together, which is something that will sometimes happen. I've already gotten compliments on handing out the business cards, and I think this new press kit really represents me "as a Pro". Many thanks."
– AR, Composer, PA

"I love it! Make it live! Yay!!!-"
– ME, Composer, CA

"it is a pleasure working with you. Everything on your end is so well thought out and executed. I especially have appreciated your support and flexibility. "
– JM, Violinsts, AZ

"Thanks much Ann. I truly appreciate your detail and follow-up. So nice to work with someone you don't have to chase around all the time trying to get info or answers.. "
– AG, Author, NJ

"It looks beautiful! Thanks for all your work and your good advice! "
– LC, Violinist, MD

"Why doesn’t it surprise me to get it right on time? You’re so good Ann. Thanks a million."
– Gwen Calvier President, Hot House Jazz Magazine, The Bible of Jazz in New York for 25 Years. New York's Jazz Source for 25 Years

"The product, assistance, and great advice I got from Jonas Music Services was instrumental in the success of my two recent concert productions. Ann Lathan Kerzner took care of many big and small details that I almost didn't realize needed to be dealt with. Jonas Music Services is a very user friendly, professional, and competent music group and I look forward to working with them on all my projects in the future. Their flexibility in all situations is very impressive and their art work alone is worth their very reasonable rates. I highly recommend Jonas Music Services. "
– Jay Leonhart, Jazz Bassist, NYC (The Most Valuable Bassist in the recording industry three times by the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences.)

"It looks beautiful! Thanks for all your work and your good advice!"
-- LC, MD

"Ann, this has been a wonderful and cooperative ride. As I have said all along, I do appreciate you, your kind, thorough manner, and the quality of work that you believe in and produce. Thank you for all your hard work and sincere efforts to make my website great. I really do like it, and feel happy that it is a product I can be proud of. Please, also thank your staff for me--- Jenny, Allison, and all the rest "behind the scenes" who "struggled" to create the best site. I appreciate all of them for sure, too! Again, thank you so much for all you've done, and much luck and blessings to higher success in your very, very special services at Jonas Music."
-- DM, Composer, Violinist, PA

"We are so pleased with the website... Alison did such a fine job of instructing me that I haven't had even one problem making additions to the editable areas. It's actually fun! I really appreciate how well-thought-out all your procedures are. Experience counts!"
-- JM, Arizona

"Thank you SO much for everything you have done for me, for my website! I am so grateful to God, for sending me to Jonas, where I have met such wonderful, kind, supportive people, as you, Ann, and all the Jonas staff! The concert went very well, there was a standing ovation in the end, all the performers did a wonderful job."
-AC, Composer, MA

"JMS is the best when it comes to customer service! Thank you a zillion times!"
-- LC, Maryland

"As always, you are the best and I appreciate you very much"
-- ES, Entrertainment Group, NJ

"Ann, you are just too cool the way you put that video together for me to explain how to close the music. I am so impressed and so grateful to be working with such a buttoned-up, competent, reliable, resourceful, patient human being!!!"
-- AG, Author, Composer, NJ

"I just want to thank you (and the company you're representing). So far the process has been so easy and otherwise I'd really be in over my head! I'm sure he's going to love it. Being the artistic type he's never organized enough to do this on his own! Thanks for all your help in the process!"
-- TH, California

"It's great. Thanks! you rock!"
-- JD, Singer, Songwriter, NJ

"Thank you so much. Your team really knows how to put together a great product" .
-- IW, New Jersey

"Thank you so much for your fabulous work! It's always a pleasure; you do such great work from start to finish."
-- KD, Flutist, NJ

"I really appreciate the kind of customer service you have... I've been working with my free edition today and my feedback is that "this is what I exactly wanted as an artist..and what a timing when you started this service. I was specially very happy to see the "e-mail newsletter" and the facility to track the records....this is superb and it saves a lot of time, energy and tension that an artist might face! Thank you again"
-- With wishes, AD, Singer, Singwriter, India

"Thanks Ann you and your team are awesome. Made the presentation and hopefully we can do more together in the future."
-- JS

"You are so amazing! Thank you so much. Everyone who has seen the site is so impressed with FOCUS and the great job Jonas has done."
-- AK, Focus Music, CA

"You're an incredible blessing and a pleasure to work with. I deeply appreciated all your insight, feedback and help."
-- JG, New Jersey

"Thanks for your patience and coopreration. I alway feel like you and your staff are here for me. It's a nice feeling. (smile)."
-- MS, Manager, NC

"It looks like my epk is getting pretty close to being done, which I'm excited about! I wanted to thank you and the other support staff who have helped me get to this point. I very much appreciate all you've done for me!"

"Thank you!! Have a super weekend. You are wonderful!!!"
-- CA, New Jersey

"Thanks, Ann, for all your diligent and reliable and cooperative work. It's always such a pleasure."
-- AR, Composer, NJ